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First Home

A one home, two houses project.




We didn't exactly make our first home buying experience easy. The property we've purchased is actually two houses on a long, thin strip of land. Eight metres by sixty-three metres, to be exact.


However, we're just delighted to own a home in Valencia. We moved here in 2016 and have completely fallen in love with this beautiful city. We feel unbelievably lucky to live here and look forward to finally putting down some roots!

Image by Jonny James
Image by Kit Suman
Image by Victor Garcia
Image by Dave Heere

The smaller house at the back, which we've dubbed the 'The Guest House', is more or less ready to live in. I say more or less because the interior style of this house is My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding and that's not really to our taste. I mean, just look at those headboards! Phase 1 of the project is freshening up the guest house as quickly as possible so that we can live in it right now. You can follow along with our progress here.




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The larger house, which we've called 'The Main House', needs a complete renovation. It's basically just walls and windows hanging off their hinges at this point. Phase 2 of the project is renovating the main house which will be our family home FOREVER because, after this, we'll probably never want to undertake another home renovation project ever again.

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