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Walk-In Pantry Wishlist

Or: How You Know You're Middle-Aged

I think my walk-in pantry fantasy has more to do with the fact that I'm only 164cm (that's 5'4" for those of you who somehow manage to live without the metric system). Kitchen cabinets pose quite the issue for us short people. I can excuse the stepstool in the kitchen by saying it's for my kids, but I actually use it far more than they do.

My dream kitchen has an enormous eff-off walk-in pantry where everything is stored in plain sight and at arm's reach. I don't want to be digging around in dark bottom cupboard, nor climbing up on the kitchen work surfaces to reach the upper shelves. I would love for everything to be right out where I can see it/reach it, but yet at the same time, completely hidden away so that guests don't judge my apparent compulsion to buy a gazillion varieties of tea and then only drink PG Tips.

Enter, the walk-in pantry.

Photo Source

I mean, clearly the pantry above is Oprah's or something. Who on earth would have the time to style their spice collection like that? NOBODY. The above is the pantry of someone who has hired someone to specifically manage their pantry.

Also, as much as I'd like think I'm going to decant every item I purchase into its own pretty container, let's be honest. The pasta is going to be stored in the pasta box or inadequate little package it came in. Although, I really would love to start doing more of my shopping at one of the eco 'by the gram' shops where you bring your own container because single use plastic is atrocious. Maybe a perfectly styled pantry will be an unexpected benefit of that?!

I'm not sure the person who owns the pantry below really knows what food is. This looks very much like the pantry of someone who has no kids, never cooks, and is rarely home. Which is basically the opposite of my family, especially in lockdown.

Photo Source

For some reason, this pic was all blurry which is why it's smaller than the ones above - sorry about that!

I still really wanted to include it because I want all my dishes and cups and whatnot stored in the pantry as well, not just food.

I love having guests to stay, and having everything visible makes it so much easier for both of us. They can get a coffee cup whenever they want without having to dig through every cupboard.

More importantly, when they offer to help empty the dishwasher, it would actually be helpful rather than just a pointless exercise in them going, "Where does this go?" and me taking the item from their hands and putting it away myself.

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