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Choosing Tiles And Taps (Or, How To Know You're Middle-Aged)

One of the updates I'm most excited about for The Guest House is the overhaul of the bathrooms. This morning, we headed out to Moncada to meet our architect so we can start converting my Pinterest bathroom ideas into reality.

The downstairs bathroom in The Guest House is currently a Pepto-Bismol pink monstrosity that was clearly designed by a 6-year-old girl with princess aspirations. Behold our vile sugar-rush of a bathroom:

I don't know which element is the worst. The pale pink tiles studded with crystals? The flower appliques across the toilet and sink? The gauzy pink curtains? Or the giant rose mural in the shower? It is just beyond awful.

The work just started today with tearing out the existing eyesores, so there is no 'after' to show yet. However, here's a sneak peek at a few of the elements that we selected:

That's a muted gold tap, a very Valencian floor tile, the wood for the cabinets, and a large pale tile for the wall. And, reflected in the mirror behind, is little old me trying to keep my very middle-aged excitement at bathroom flooring at bay.

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