• Marie Bateson

The New Normal

There's finally a light at the end of the lockdown tunnel. The Spanish government released an 8 week de-escalation plan that's going to plop us all out into the 'new normal' by around the end of June, hopefully. This is the clearest visual of the plan that I can find.

The plan includes four phases which won't be rolled out across Spain at the same time. Some provinces hop ahead to Phase 1 this weekend while the rest of us will still be stuck in Phase 0 until around the 11th of May. But Phase 1 sees the terraces of restaurants opening again... only at 30% capacity, but still, being allowed to go out and socialise with friends sounds like heaven.

However, beaches apparently aren't opening until Phase 3 which makes no sense to me. How can it be safer to be served drinks at a restaurant than it is to go sit outdoors? Especially when that outdoors location involves a large body of saltwater in which to plunge oneself every few minutes should one feel the need to wash off any potential covid lurgies.

It looks like we won't be able to travel between the provinces of Spain until every province has completed the fourth and final stage, which will probably be the end of June at the earliest. Who knows about international travel. That still seems like a pipe dream at this stage and I don't want to torture myself by pinning hopes on any trips to see family before the end of this year.

We've already spent almost 7 weeks under lockdown now, with no way to socialise with anyone who doesn't live with us other than via video calls. Waiting a mere week or so until we're allowed to see friends again sounds like nothing, but it feels a bit like the final stretch of a marathon. We can see that finish line but, HOLY SHIT, these last steps are agonising.

Tonight we'll find out what the rules are for solo adult exercise and family walks, which are supposed to commence this weekend. The other freedoms will be explained one by one as they are rolled out so as not to overwhelm our teensy wee brains, I suppose.

At any rate, we're coming out of lockdown, guys. It might be a couple of months before we're solidly ensconced in the 'new normal', whatever that might be, but at least we've started moving towards it. A social life is tantalisingly beckoning from just over the horizon and I CANNOT BLOODY WAIT.

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