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The Hub

Every home has one, right? Aside from Carrie Bradshaw who converted hers into a wardrobe. I'm talking about the kitchen, of course - it's always the hub of the house. If you throw a party, it's where everyone eventually ends up congregating, drawn to the warmth and conviviality of the source of food and drink.

The problem is, I HATE the kitchen in our new place. It's red, you guys. No offence intended to those who are the proud owners of red kitchens, but there aren't many colours less suited to kitchen cabinets than fire-engine red. It's not just the fact that it's red, it's also laminate, so it's insanely shiny, brilliantly lacquered red.

The previous owners of our new place clearly had an affinity for the colour because not only did they select glossy cherry red for the kitchen cabinets, they decided to emphasise that bold choice by hanging matching drapes.

I'm not sure I can really convey just how lollipop-Lolita-red the entire downstairs is without showing you a photo of it. But, for the time being, until we have finally exchanged on the house, I don't want to reveal photos of it. There's that cautious side of me that is wary of SOMETHING going wrong, like, oh, perhaps a global pandemic triggering a complete lockdown again. That side won't allow me to relax and claim the house as ours until we have the keys in our hands and a whole lot less money in the bank.

So, while the 'before' pictures can't be shared just yet - because that would essentially be sharing photos of someone else's kitchen - I'm collecting pics of kitchens that feature a slightly more soothing hue over on my Pinterest board.

I'm not in any way decided on a certain colour or style, but I do quite like having cabinets in two different colours, like in the kitchen below. I also love the beams in the pic below, and while I think their open shelves look very fetching, I also think they are absolutely pointless and mine would end up being repositories for things like the kids' bubbles, sellotape, a spray bottle filled with an unidentified liquid, and batteries that could be dead or alive but no one can be bothered to test them to find out. I think I'm going to have to steer clear of the open shelves.

Photo source

In fact, something like this cabinet below strikes me as far more sensible. All that ugly yet highly useful kitchen machinery can just be tucked away neatly. On that note, why hasn't anyone designed a more aesthetically appealing microwave or coffee machine yet? Why are kitchen appliances all just black and chrome? I get that they're functional but why can't they be stylish, too?

Photo source

The kitchen below might be a bit too girly for my taste, but I do like how bright it is and that enormous kitchen sink is a must-have. I want a big, deep sink so that I can plonk all the pans in it and let them soak while I put the kiddos to bed. Our piddly little one in our rental barely fits our smallest saucepan.

Photo source

Am I the only person on the planet who really doesn't like subway tile? I'm not sure why I find it so hideous, but blurrrrghh, it makes me think of hospitals and mortuaries. I do, however, love the clearly ridiculously expensive statement chandelier. It gives an element of elegant insouciance to a room that is normally associated with things like packed lunches and spaghetti bolognese.

Photo source

The main thing I like about all these kitchens, and the ones on my Pinterest board, is that they are not red. Can you imagine rising in the morning, heading to the kitchen to make coffee, only to be greeted with blazing red? Why would you want to be smacked in the face by the glaring universal colour of STOP before your day has even started?

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