• Marie Bateson

It's Still Saturday

The sun's out! My kids slept past 7:30am! And, for those of you who still remember a time when days were different from one another, it's still the weekend, you guys! We're about two weeks into lockdown now but that's no reason Saturday can't still be the best day of the week.

We're going to attempt to celebrate the fact that it's #stillsaturday (oh yeah, let's hashtag that...) by actually showering and wearing something other than sweatpants. Anyone else care to join us?! If so, here are some ideas to get you going.

1. The first is blindingly obvious. Drink. You're welcome.

2. You could also listen to an amazing live DJ set.

3. Get dressed up! Put on a little red dress and pretend you would ever last longer than five seconds in a pair of stilettos. Bonus points if you're a man. (Disclaimer - this video of me is from years ago. I am currently wearing Uggs.)

4. Go 'out' to dinner. My friends celebrated their anniversary last week by hiring their kids as waitstaff for the evening. Perhaps the novelty of wearing this apron will coax my kids into cooking for me tonight?

5. Enjoy a nightclub without having to wait in a queue to get in. If you don't have a disco ball like my friend Nina here, have one of your kids flash the lights on and off.

6. Find someone to flirt inappropriately with. I resorted to making a doll of Prince Harry out of pillows and an old wig, but hey, needs must.

7. Take a trip somewhere new!

8. Play beer pong with your friends. (virtually via Zoom. Use a wad of aluminium foil if you don't have ping pong balls.)

9. Go to the beauty salon.

10. Get a tacky tattoo. Thank you, Inkbox.

11. Clamber up on a table and dance like an idiot in front of a disapproving crowd.

12. Belt out some karaoke like my sis-in-law and her husband down in Australia. They just finished their first lockdown Saturday with a bang (and plenty of gin), plus some stellar renditions of Mariah Carey and Bryan Adams. I was going to include the videos here but I think I'd probably be booted from the family. Not to say your version of "Hero" wasn't amazing, Louise, but I'll put up Mariah's instead...

13. If all else fails, flop on the sofa and order in pizza like you would pretty much every other weekend.

It's #stillsaturday, whatever that means to you!

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