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Pool Party

One of the things I'm most excited about when it comes to home ownership is the fact that we'll have our own pool. I realise this is a bit of a 'check your privilege' moment, but this is Spain. Villas with pools are a dime a dozen here.

Also, it's about 70 bajillion celsius every day from June to October, so a pool feels almost as much of a home essential as say, a roof. Since we moved into our apartment complex, we've used our community pool pretty much every day that it's been open. But it's not always open... and that's what I'm really excited about when it comes to pool ownership - being able to use the pool whenever I want to.

In our current apartment, the community pool doesn't open until 11am. There have been so many days that I've returned from an early(ish) morning run and wished I could jump in the pool. When we lived in Singapore, my little brother and I used to go for pre-school runs at about 5am. I don't know what we were thinking, but we definitely beat the heat by getting up in the middle of the night. We always finished our runs by leaping into our swimming pool - it was fabulous until we realised that frogs were also enjoying that early morning swim.

Our community pool also has the annoying 'restricted numbers' policy. It is obviously necessary as otherwise the pool would be even more of a thronged drowning hazard than it already is. However, it's really annoying when you only get 6 wristbands as that means your family of 4 can only have two guests in the pool with them. So much for taking a dip after a BBQ with friends.

All that to say, I'm really excited about being able to host pool parties! Once your kids are confident swimmers, having a pool is the perfect form of entertainment for both them and you. It gives the adults hours of uninterrupted drinking and conversation while the kids leap in and out of the pool until they are knackered. Theoretically, I know it's going to be a pain in the ass to be the one responsible for the pool, but, at this anticipatory stage, I just can't wait to host a pool party.

Given that kids run no matter how many times you tell them to walk, non-slip flooring in the courtyard between the two houses is a must. I'm kind of leaning towards artificial grass so that even if a kid does wipe out, the damage isn't terrible. Plus, the cleaning maintenance on it seems far lower than with tile, which is a nice perk. Also, we won't have a real grass garden anywhere on the property, so I'd like to have some green around. Green grass, blue pool, and pink bougainvillea sounds like a winning combination to me.

Pic from Decorpad via Pinterest

I would move the loungers further back from the pool, though. Lying that close to a pool with kids in it is like sitting in the splash zone in Seaworld. (Please tell me no one goes there anymore...) And white fabric is a no-no considering kids will 100% walk all over those lovely loungers splattering popsicle juice everywhere. They'd have to be in a deep blue colour or other darker hue, something like the ones below.

Pic from Decorpad via Pinterest

I do love decorative tile though, so I was considering using those on the courtyard walls. However, I think it'd be a bit much given that I also want to use a blue and white floor tile on the dining area. How lovely is this setting?

Pic from Lonny via Pinterest

I think we'll spend more time in the pool courtyard than in any other area of the house, so I really want to get it just right. I've got plenty more ideas over on this Pinterest board, some of which are clearly off in fantasy-world la-la land but, hey, that's what Pinterest is for.

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