• Marie Bateson

A Stylish Pink Bathroom

THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A STYLISH PINK BATHROOM. At least not in the house we just purchased. There is, however, this appalling state of affairs:

Today, however, I am happy to show you this:

Byeeeeee, tiles! I actually would have quite liked to smash those off the walls myself. I think my daughter will genuinely be sad to see them gone though. But she's 7, so she doesn't really get a say in matters of interior design yet...

Out of curiosity, I did search on Pinterest for "stylish pink bathroom" and have to reluctantly concede that this one could indeed qualify as both stylish and pink.

Nevertheless, I'm staying away from pink in the new bathroom. Maybe a towel or two, just as a nod to the former "vie en rose" the bathroom used to display.

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