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Have you ever moved house? I've moved internationally precisely sixteen times, and have lost count of the within-country moves. You'd think I'd be a professional by this point, but no, I still absolutely suck at it.

I know very well that I'm supposed to use the time before a move to sort through the ridiculous number of items we have somehow managed to amass in the four years we've been in Spain. I fully intended to go all Marie Kondo and sort all these stupid things into piles to keep or giveaway. Moving seems like the perfect opportunity to adopt the uber-minimalist lifestyle one of my friends keeps here, with a one-in/one-out policy.

In my wildest fantasies, my kids would have a playroom as neatly organised as the one below. In reality, they don't even have a playroom, they have a shared bedroom. You can't even see the floor about 90% of the time because they've scattered every single toy they've ever been given all over it.

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Despite having had the best possible circumstances to finally pack properly and bid my hoarding tendencies adieu, I have once again failed. We've been under lockdown here in Spain for seven weeks now. We've had precisely one week where we could even leave our house for anything other than an essential trip to the supermarket/bank/pharmacy/bins. Which means I've had six full weeks stuck in my flat with nowhere to go and nobody to see.

You would think I would have used this time to go through all our possessions properly and pack everything up into neatly labeled, perfectly categorised boxes. But, NO.

Instead, I used the time to play with my kids and lounge on my terrace bemoaning the fact that we couldn't step foot on the gorgeous beach just a couple of hundred metres from our doorstep. And then we adopted a puppy and it feels like now I have three children to entertain, feed and clean up after, with the added bonus that the dog wakes up every three hours at night to go for a wee.

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If all goes well, we're going to be moving house in a week or so and I have come to the sinking realisation that, once again, I am well-past the "Oh, I have plenty of time to sort and pack properly!" phase and am now solidly in the, "Shit, just ram it all into boxes and we'll sort it out when we get there" phase.


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