• Marie Bateson

Over It

We're midway through Week Three of lockdown right now and, guys, I am OVER IT. I've been through all of these phases already:

  1. How many weeks of lockdown?! Do we have enough alcohol???

  2. OK, well, we're stuck. Let's make the best of it.

  3. How fun is it to get time to play together?! So many activities!

  4. Look, video chat with filters, how hilarious!

  5. Ohmagad, the memes coming out of this are gold.

  6. Homeschool could be fun, let's see how it goes.

  7. Screw homeschool; this is impossible.

  8. He's in isolation in hospital? I hate this.

  9. Tiger King.

I'm now in Phase 10 which can basically be summarised as GAAAHHHHHH. I'm snappy and irritable. I'm simultaneously bored and yet totally paralysed into inaction. I need a night out like never before.

This past weekend, I tried to boost our spirits with #stillsaturday. I gave Adella a haircut (it's wonky, but she's happy), I put on a floor length gown (couldn't do it up so had to add a belt to hide the still-open zipper at the back), and we danced around to Lizzo and drank cava.

Then the warmth and sunshine of Sunday inspired us to put on swimmers and suncream and fire up the BBQ. The kids even played beer pong (with water. Why do I feel the need to state that? Like does anyone actually think I'm letting my kids drink beer?!)

But then Monday rolled around and it was grey and rainy and we ARE STILL STUCK IN OUR APARTMENT. And I have a whole list of stupid things that are making my mood shitty. I'll share some here just because it feels good to vent, and we all need to do it sometimes, and just writing out my list of ridiculously petty complaints will probably make me feel better.

  1. Instagram seems to be angry with me and won't let me comment on or like anyone else's pics, nor post any captions on my pics. Which is cool because it's not like social media is our only connection to the outside world right now.

  2. I'm worried that Tiger King is going to become pretty much my only joy Monday through Friday unless someone tells me that it's OK to start day drinking on weekdays as well.

  3. It's not fair that almost every other country under 'lockdown' is still allowed out of their homes to go for walks and exercise. That's NOT LOCKDOWN.

  4. I forgot to order bread during my last online shop.

  5. The US lockdown is so weak that Bill Gates thinks they are going to have to do multiple lockdowns. That means even when we get out of lockdown here in Spain, my family will probably still be under some form of lockdown and I STILL won't be able to see them.

  6. I can no longer avoid the fact that I really need to clean my bathroom.

  7. My daughter refuses to wear anything other than her Christmas deer onesie, all day long.

  8. I don't want to cook ever again.

OK, rant over. That feels better. I know I just need to shake it off and be grateful for all the good things right now, because there are still a lot of them. Like the sun coming out today. And my new slippers. And Tiger King. And day drinking...

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