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Opportunity Knocks

Today, I'm going to address the one room of the house that I have zero motivation to style. I'm not sure if anyone else feels the same way, but I look at my kids' bathroom and think,

"Ugh. What's the point?!"

I have never once entered that bathroom without seeing towels on the floor, a tube of toothpaste with the lid off, loo rolls scattered all over, and the toilet in dire need of a flush. I feel that it would be a little bit soul-crushing to spend money and time decorating a kids' bathroom only for them to, 1) not appreciate it and, 2) destroy it immediately.

Which is ironic because that is exactly how they treat the rest of the house... it's just, the kids' bathroom is the one room that I avoid entering as much as possible. When it comes to the rest of the house, I can find the energy to defend its cleanliness and tidiness, but I feel absolutely "meh" about the kids' bathroom. I'd rather choose a different hill upon which to die.

But, I've realised that this could be an opportunity knocking upon my excessively large forehead. Given that the kids' could not care less about the outcome of this bathroom, and given that I will go in there less than any other room in the house, there's a certain freedom to decorating it.

In fact, I can go hog-wild with this room! This is the room in which to try out a boldly printed wallpaper and unorthodox storage options - they won't notice the wallpaper, nor will they use the storage. In light of that realisation, I started looking at some options on Pinterest and quickly found out that 'kids' bathroom' is not the search term I should be using.

Kids' bathrooms on Pinterest are ghastly! This is the type of stuff that I kept finding on there:

Photo source

So I turned to the search term "Bold bathroom" instead, and found so many more gems. Take this one, for example:

Photo Source

I think I'm leaning towards classic fixtures that will stand the test of time, plus a really insane animal print wallpaper. My kids love animals - the weirder, the better - so it'll be a hit with them initially. However, if the style of the print is something elegant and eclectic like the one used here, hopefully they'll still appreciate it when they get older.

Anyone have any tips for how to style a kids' bathroom so that they don't outgrow it in a couple of years?

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