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Home Renovations: The Only Thing You Need

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Well, not the only thing you need... but certainly the most important if you want to conserve your sanity.

You need patience.

We expected our bathrooms to be finished by the 1st of July. It's the 7th of July and neither of the bathrooms are finished. In fact, they've only started work on one of the bathrooms - the other one is just an excavated pit devoid of anything but the rough walls that lurked beneath the former tiles.

While we had to move out of our previous apartment, we fortunately do have somewhere else to stay while we wait for the bathrooms to be completed. The upside of being stuck between homes is that rather than having to immediately unpack everything we'd just packed up from our former flat, we have an enforced break between packing and unpacking. We're having a lovely time exploring the neighbourhood surrounding our temporary accommodation.

Aside from this one positive, it's a pain in the rear that the house we bought is currently uninhabitable. All four of us and our dog are currently camping out in a one bedroom apartment which means sleep is difficult to say the least. The thing that's bugging me the most is that I'm utterly impatient to start making this house our home but I can't even unpack yet or start re-arranging the furniture. I LOVE re-arranging furniture! Seriously, it's like a bizarre compulsion.

But I have to hold off on indulging that urge because there is so much dust being produced by the bathroom renovations that anything removed from a box is immediately coated in dust. We cleaned the kids' bedroom one morning, shut the door, and came back the next day to see whether it was still remotely clean. Nope. There was already a fine layer of builder's dust over everything we'd cleaned the day before.

Even if the dust weren't an issue, I couldn't spend a day at the new house unpacking and shuffling furniture to my heart's content because THERE ARE NO BATHROOMS. I don't know about you, but going all day without a toilet break isn't an option for me.

So yes, patience. I'm guessing we'll be in our in-between housing until the end of this month. Which is only a month behind schedule... tick tock.

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