• Marie Bateson

One Week Down

I last left my home a week ago today. Writing that makes me feel like a wonderfully eccentric recluse - I should really get on Amazon and order a sumptuous velvet robe and a pipe. It also makes me think I should set up a direct debit donation to organisations who help the incarcerated, like this one.

To be perfectly honest, life 'on the inside' hasn't been too terrible so far. This week actually went by really quickly - mostly because I was prepping for Daniel's 40th. It's also been a week of adaptation. Frequently, humans seem to be scared of change - I know I spend far too many hours overthinking any decision that would result in a big change. But, when the change is enforced, we're actually pretty wonderful at quickly adapting to it.

There are pros and cons to having kids at home when dealing with this lockdown. On the one hand, I think having kids around has really helped with managing this mentally. Kids are so 'in the moment'. They make it absolutely impossible to sit online drowning in coronavirus news because we need to build a rocket ship to go to Jupiter and find the aliens! NOW!

On the flip side, I'm envious of those who are now able to devote time to all the interests and hobbies we never seem to be able to squeeze into regular life. I have a friend who is currently studying to be a pastry chef. While her school has obviously cancelled classes, she has found a ton of celebrity chefs who are now offering free tutorials online - she's discovered she doesn't have to stop pursuing this passion just because she's stuck at home.

Our family in Australia has just told us that they'll be heading into lockdown tomorrow. I've promised to send over any tips and 'lessons learned' after my whopping one week of experience with a lockdown, but that warrants a separate post. Once it's finished, I'll come back and add the link to it here. However, as much as I hate to sound like a corny motivational poster, I will say that the one thing that is going to make a difference in your lockdown experience is your attitude. I KNOW; I'm sorry; punch me now. If you'd like a salty illustration of this, I'll leave you with this wonderful TikTok video that's currently doing the rounds on social media.

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