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Master of Sleep

Every time I've decorated a new home, I've always found myself veering towards colour. Initially, I firmly remind myself that I'd like a coordinated, grown-up looking home but then I spy a fuschia cushion or a cobalt rug and I just can't resist. My interior style has always been more "toddler let loose with crayons" than "sophisticated neutrals". I can't imagine that this next project is going to be any different.

However, there is one room that I really do intend to keep as calm and muted as possible: the master bedroom. Why? Because I genuinely suck at sleep. According to my parents, I didn't sleep through the night until I was well over two years old. I think they still have PTSD from that time in our lives. I remember recurring vivid nightmares from when I was a child but then thankfully moved into being a pretty easy sleeper until my daughter arrived.

My firstborn broke my sleep. I suppose it was karma for what I did to my parents. My son was an easier sleeper, but since I had kids, I've become a very light sleeper. Unfortunately, I'm also a total grinch if I'm lacking in sleep. So, for everyone's benefit, the master bedroom needs to be a complete sleep oasis. I'm not even sure yet if I'll let my husband sleep in there...

There are so many photos of gorgeous bedrooms floating around on Pinterest that the options seem endless. However, I've made a shortlist of what I think is absolutely crucial in terms of decor in order for me to get a good night's sleep.

  1. Black out blinds

  2. Minimal amount of furniture

  3. Minimal amount of art - nothing 'personal' that might trigger emotions/stress before attempting to sleep

  4. Extremely comfortable bed

  5. Fairly enormous bedside tables so that nothing needs to be left on the surfaces

  6. Muted, calming colour scheme

  7. A sense of space

  8. Bathroom access as far as possible from my side of the bed so my husband doesn't wake me when he gets up to go to the loo at night. If he's permitted to sleep in the room at all, that is!

With these requirements in mind, here are some bedrooms that fit the bill, at least partially.

Photo Source

I like the calming blue and white tones in the photo above, plus the generic art triggers absolutely nothing for me - it's so meh, it's like looking at a puddle, which is perfect for helping one drift off to sleep.

Photo Source

I really like this bedroom decor and think that amazing pop of colour from the flowers might be the perfect way for me to indulge my love for colour without sacrificing the need for calm in the bedroom. While the simple, modern four poster is a great look, I wouldn't have the drapes in my room because of their tendency to collect dust. Same goes for the cool juju hat hanging above the bed.

Now, if I were to throw all of my bedroom rules out the window, I might go for something like the below... but I suppose there's always the guest room to decorate...

Photo Source

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