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How To Make A Kid's Reading Nook

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My daughter is seven and obsessed with books. This is by far my proudest parenting coup to date even though it clearly has nothing to do with my parenting as my son is not quite as infatuated. I'm chalking it up to the age difference though, and hoping by the time he hits 7, he'll be just as into them.

In order to make this happen, I really want to make reading as wonderful an experience as possible for them. First step - creating a perfect spot for them to curl up with a book.

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Given that they'll be sharing a bedroom for the first couple of years in our new home, I think I'll be setting the reading nook up in the playroom. We've got loads of cushions to create a comfy spot on the floor, so the next step is making sure that the books are all easily accessible.

Right now, our only organisation for the books is by language. Swedish books on one shelf (my husband is Swedish), Spanish books on another (we live in Spain), and English books on the 10 other shelves. We could probably do with bolstering our book collection in Swedish and Spanish...

I think I'll be devoting a shelf for the chapter books that my daughter is really getting obsessed with. She's blitzed through the Roald Dahl classics and has just finished The Worst Witch series so now I'm looking for the next collection to keep her going. If anyone has any tips, send them my way!

The problem with the traditional shelving system is that it's very easy for books to get lost in there. We've been using the Ikea Kallax shelving unit as a wall divider and that's where the kids' books have been stored so far. However, those big cubic shelves aren't really the right format for books. I'm considering a book bin and gallery wall combo so that the gallery wall catches their attention and invites them in, and the book bin makes it easy for my five year old to find the books he wants.

While I love the look of the gallery wall that stretches from floor to ceiling, it's a bit unrealistic unless you want your kids clambering up the furniture to reach the books on the top shelf.

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I think something like this is a lot more accessible for the kiddos while also looking very Scando-stylish.

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We've never used a book bin before. While the one below is pretty adorable looking, I'm not sure that I could get used to not having the spines on display. I might try a little one with some of my son's favourites and see how he gets along with it, as I can see how flipping through the covers might be an enticing experience - a bit like shopping for records in the olden days!

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As far as the cute canopy hanging over the top... I'm in two minds about that feature. When my kids are chasing each other around, they tend to grab at stuff and clamber on the furniture without any heed. I'm not really sure I want to put anything in the playroom that they could tear down accidentally. Perhaps I'll save that for a little reading nook in their bedroom...

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