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Gloriously Glam

I missed that class. You know the one that all girls took when they became teenagers? The one that teaches you how to apply make up, do your hair, and style your wardrobe? Yeah, I was absent for that.

When I try to apply make up to look glamorous, I wind up looking more Ru Paul than Eva Mendes. My hair is a bizarre mixture of straw and fluff and the only person who can make it look decent is my hairdresser, Daniel. Unfortunately, I don't have the money to hire him on a daily basis. As for clothes, I am 100% that person who has a bulging wardrobe and nothing to wear.

But, that doesn't mean I can't daydream about having a ridiculously glamorous dressing room. It's the only room in the house that I would style in an unabashedly girly way. Every other room is for the family, not just me, but the dressing room? That gets to be gloriously glam.

I want a little boudoir-esque escape with a killer sound system and a mini-fridge full of cava for when I'm getting ready to go out. Nothing like blasting Lizzo while sipping on bubbles to get you in the mood. I'll still emerge with a halo of frizz and an outfit that screams 'middle-aged' more loudly than I'd like it to, but after all those bubbles, frankly, my dear, I won't give a damn.

Here are a couple of ideas for my dream dressing room, with a whole ton more on this board of mine over on Pinterest.

First up - love this colossal mirror but would swap out that chair for something more far more comfortable and less reminiscent of a sheep. Also not a fan of those lucite cabinet knobs.

Photo source

The closet below only looks so organised because apparently the woman using it only wears shades of camel, rose pink and grey. If I stuffed this one with my clothes, it would look like a toddler had been let loose with a box of luridly hued crayons. I can't help it. I like colour!

Photo source

The woman below knows what she likes and sticks to it. Unfortunately, that's beige, Gucci and Chanel with no less than FOUR pairs of those Valentino "trend victim" rockstuds. I tend to get very loyal to one handbag and carry it around until it looks like something you'd give to a dog as a chew toy, so I'd do away with all those handbag shelves.

Shoes, however, are another matter. I have quite a few pairs, most of which I never wear, but which I adore despite the fact that they don't go with anything because they're, say, emerald green and have a crystal serpent slithering down the front strap. Classy and understated, they are not.

Photo source

I'm beginning to realise that my dream dressing room is never going to resemble any of the pins on my Pinterest board. Mostly because my clothes don't resemble anything you'd see on Pinterest, either. Ah well.

I'll focus on my library instead... now that's a room at which I can excel!

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