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The problem with children is that they are always changing. Just when you think you've got them sussed, they go and morph into another being entirely. Which is why designing the kids' rooms is going to be a bit of a challenge.

While they'll still be sharing a room in the first stage of our move, hopefully the main house will be fully renovated within about a year and we'll have enough space to give them a room each. This is the first time either of them will have had their own room, which is a big deal for a kiddo, especially as my daughter will be almost 9 at that point. I want them to be delighted with their own little space, but not if that means bedazzling a wall with a glittering mural of Elsa's face. Please, please, just LET IT GO.

The rooms need to be 'neutral' enough that they're not going to be a complete eyesore to my kids in just a few years. My little sister once insisted on having her room painted in alternating pink stripes. It looked like a Victoria's Secret boudoir. Naturally, within a couple of years, she hated it and begged my parents to repaint it.

Another of my sisters wanted a bright red carpet in her bedroom when we moved house. My parents allowed it, she hated it as soon as she saw it installed, and kicked up such a fuss about it that my little brother, who was too young to care, was given that room instead. It was so red that the walls glowed pink because of it.

I am too lazy to be re-painting or re-carpeting rooms in short order, so I'd really like the first attempt to light up their faces upon first sight and yet also be easily adaptable into a 'big kid' room as they get older.

I'm more excited about decorating my daughter's room than my son's because he's younger and doesn't really care about anything besides football. The fewer pieces of furniture there are in his room, the better, because his dream room is one in which he can kick and throw balls around. I think his ideal bedroom would actually be a ball pit, come to think of it.

On the other hand, while my daughter and I definitely have some differing decor preferences, I think we'll be able to come up with something that makes her happy and doesn't make me totally cringe. Her room has fewer limitations than I've set with the master bedroom because, despite a horrendous start to her sleeping career (she woke up every 2.5 hours every night for her first six months), my daughter is now a very solid sleeper.

I don't feel like I have to eliminate everything from her room that isn't conducive to sleep (bright colours, fun distractions) because her room is also going to be her own little domain. That means it'll be chock-a-block with her favourite possessions and she and her friends will probably hide away in there playing for hours. However, because my daughter is also a huge fan of colour, I can see her room morphing into a rainbow-hued playroom very quickly if I'm not careful.

My goal is to have enough colour to satisfy us both without veering into play centre territory. Below are some pics I've saved over on Pinterest for inspiration. First up, this modern little number that has a sort of desert/Arizona vibe going in terms of the colour scheme. I like that the earthy, terracotta tones allude to nature and yet it still feels kid-like and playful rather than hippy-ish.

Photo Source

This room is also really adorable but I fear I'd stumble with using so much colour unless I got the exact shades right. If any of them are too bright, the combination of so many hues just becomes blinding. I also fear that this rainbow confection of a room would not age well - can you see a 13 year old living here?

Photo Source

The room below is also a colour-bomb, but in a different way. I think it would age far better than the one above as that wallpaper could easily be made to look glamorous if you updated the rug and the coral coloured chest to pieces that were a little more grown-up.

Photo Source

I also love the extremely subtle leaf wallpaper in the room below. By keeping the main elements neutral, that duvet cover does all the heavy lifting of making the room kid-pleasing. It's also incredibly easy and inexpensive to swap out the duvet cover for something more adult as she grows up.

Photo Source

The room below is a bit too 'done' for me (you probably have to look at the full room via the source blog to see what I mean), and the wallpaper is too twee, especially with the sparkle throughout. However, I like how the furniture is quite grown up - particularly the headboard - as that should age well as my kiddo shoots up in years.

Photo Source

The room below has a similar colour scheme to the one above, but I vastly prefer the overall look. It's not as sterile and doesn't have the 'department store installation' vibe that the one above does. It's still got that glam element that a little girl will adore, via the touches of gold, but they're quirky enough and subtle enough to make it feel more like a room someone actually lives in.

Photo Source

I would tone down the saccharine sweet colour theme by swapping out the pillows for something more grown-up and colourful. I'd also replace the main piece of art with something a bit funkier and quirkier, like the print below.

Photo Source

So - the checklist for A's room goes something like this:

  • Colourful

  • Quirky

  • Grown up furniture

  • Playful accessories

  • Easily adaptable to a more grown up look as she ages

I'm really looking forward to doing this room!

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