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Ceilings (And Other Things I Never Previously Thought About)

Work on The Guest House is well underway! Our first project is the most straightforward and not actually worthy of a photo series - it's simply to re-paint the walls in order to freshen the place up. Nobody wants to see photos of a white wall becoming a less grubby white wall though, so we'll move onto the next project.

Project Two is also one of the easiest updates. This is what the main living area looked like when the former owners were living there. The kindest thing I can think to say about this interior style is... absolutely nothing, actually. I hate it.

One of the most, erm, "unique" design features of this living area is the ceiling above the dining table. It looks like a garage ceiling because... well, it is. They added drapes where the garage door is to disguise it as a window, which isn't the worst idea ever, but the uneven height of the two 'windows' is really glaring as well.

We don't want to remove the garage door as when the main house is finished, we probably will create a real garage where the dining table currently is in the above photo.

So, for the moment, we're going to be using that dining room area as a sort of mudroom/entry storage area instead. However, that black ceiling was an absolute eyesore. My idea of a perfect ceiling is a simple, white, lofty ceiling with beautiful but subtle detailing. Something akin to this Parisian beauty below.

Now, back to reality. We asked our painters to remove the large black tiles and flickering fluorescent lights from overhead and put white tiles in instead. The result is not exactly a stylish ceiling, but it's a vast improvement to the black and fluorescent horror that existed before.

We will keep our bikes, scooters, rollerblades, etc. where the garage door opens and then add abundant shelving in an attempt to keep the mountains of shoes and school bags under control. I plan to create a psuedo-wall out of either Ikea's Kallax shelving or a hanging room divider in order to hide all this mess from view.

And, yes, for now the mirrored walls will remain... This may end up being where we work out when it's raining and, while mirrors look like a vanity project, they're actually really handy for checking your form so you don't end up with a typical middle-aged injury like throwing out your back.

Up next... converting the back laundry room into our main living area!

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