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Boys Will Be Boys

Oh, how I hate the saying, "Boys will be boys". It's an excuse for so much vile behaviour, isn't it? It also pushes the theory that boys and girls are just inherently different and there's nothing you can do about it.

Prior to having kids, I thought all the gender stereotypes were bullshit, frankly. I really thought it was society that brought out the drastic differences between the genders and made all those stupid stereotypes true.

Then I had a daughter. And then I had a son. And while society can most certainly be blamed for an awful lot of the "boys do this and girls do this" nonsense, there is, as much as it pains me to say it, some truth to the stupid stereotypes.

My kids really could not live up to the stereotypes of boy behaviour and girl behaviour more. While thankfully, my daughter defies some of the pigeonholing - she loves math and has zero interest in dolls, my son is an absolute BOY, through and through.

He's a total softie who gives the longest, hardest hugs, but he was born obsessed with balls. Footballs, basketballs, tennis balls, whatever. We even used a ball to entice him to take his first steps. He loves speed - skiing, skateboarding, hurling himself off ledges, whatever.

His dream bedroom would basically be a ball pit with a hammock strung above. Which does sound rather cool and would certainly save us a lot on furniture, but I don't even want to think about all the gross things that would end up hidden amongst those balls. I think we'll have to go for something a little more traditional.

While he's only five at the moment, I don't want to go for something too 'kiddy-ish' as any kind of childish theme won't last him very long. Unlike his sister, he does tend to have trouble falling back asleep if he wakes up at night, so something quite minimal and calm is probably the way to go. No green football pitch carpet for this one.

Below are some of the 'inspiration' pics I've saved over on my Pinterest board.

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While this one is probably a bit too adult for my son, I do like the quirky very 'male' animal print above the bed. The colour scheme is also quite masculine, though not really to my taste. (Nope, not guilty at all of pushing silly gender categorisation, am I?!) It's just my daughter's room will probably be quite blue as that's her favourite colour. It also happens to be mine so it'll appear elsewhere in the house quite a bit as well, so I'd like to branch out into a different colour scheme for W's room.

Then again, I do really like this blue one, though it might be a bit too childish for him after only a short time.

Photo Source

I love the retro look of this room, but are you KIDDING me with the hanging rail?! There is zero chance that W would ever hang any of his clothes up. It's proving practically impossible to even get him to jam them back in the large very-clearly-labeled drawers we have for him now.

Photo Source

I'm also a fan of the overall vibe of this room - the wallpaper is a great not too boys-y/not too childish option, there's another funky animal print and the colours on the bed look great together. But the retro toys that he would 100% never play with and would just end up all over the floor? Nope. I mean, honestly, what are those on the nightstand, toadstools?! And that cute little canopy with the light strand would end up pulled to the floor on day one. My son is like a one-man demolition derby.

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I think by far my favourite look is this one but I'd obviously add a few more personal and fun touches to make it less showroom-y. I think the black and white might be a bit much, perhaps an medium-hued green or blue and white to make it less stark? It's definitely got an elegant punch to it as it is though.

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However, by far the most important element in W's room is the fun factor. Little quirky additions like this will hopefully help with things like putting clothes in the laundry basket rather than the floor. Oh, who am I kidding... Maybe it'll work for my husband though.

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