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Growing up, I was hooked on books. When reading, I literally could not hear when people were talking to me, calling my name, whatever. I was off in my own fabulous little world. Nowadays, I'm guilty of being a bit of a tsundoku as the Japanese call it - a person who buys more books than they can read.

On the one hand, that's apparently bad for your mental health - having all these unfinished books and projects scattered around your home creates a sort of pressure, a visual to-do list of all the things you keep meaning to do but haven't gotten around to somehow.

On the other, apparently having stacks of books in the home vastly increases the level of education your children will attain so that's great. Not only do I spend a fortune on books, I'm ensuring I'll be spending a fortune on my kids' higher education as well...

Regardless, I love books and I love being surrounded by them. Which means that the room I'm most excited about designing in our new home is my office/library. While I have a load of ideas for this room pinned here, these are a few of my must-haves.

Firstly, a REALLY comfortable, plush, squidgy armchair with footstool. It should ideally be big enough that if a kid wants to squish in next to me, there's just enough room. This one looks like it would do the job.

Photo source

Also hugely important - looooooads of light. This window reminds of The Goonies for some reason - I think because of all that foraging they did up in the attic, the antique-y looking houses, and... what else... OH YES, the plonking great pirate ship sailing past.

Photo source

And then the shelving. While I love the idea of floor to ceiling shelves, I'm 1.63m and there's no way I'm climbing a ladder while tipsy on the lethal combination of Earl Grey tea and Diane Setterfield. Plus, can you even imagine the trouble my kids would get into in a room like this?

Photo source

Given that we're not buying a mansion, my library will also be my office and perhaps also my dressing room and oh, hell, maybe the guest room, too. If I'm going to be working from this multi-functional room, something like the below would be brilliant. Though I'd have my desk chair on the other side of the desk so I could gaze out of the window when daydreaming and also avoid a nasty glare on my laptop screen.

Photo source

If you've got an endless amount of space for a fantasy office/library, check out my Pinterest board for more ideas. I won't be jealous, I swear.

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