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Be My Guest

I love hosting overnight guests which has made apartment living a bit of a drag. There's never enough room for anyone to stay comfortably for very long. When Daniel's sister and her family came to visit all the way from Australia, they could only stay a few nights at our place because it was just far too cramped for their comfort. Having a home big enough to host our faraway family members is one of things I'm most looking forward to about owning a house.

There are a few things that are crucial to a guest's comfort. In no particular order, this is what springs to mind:

  1. Wifi access details clearly displayed

  2. A phone charger and travel converter next to the bed

  3. A bottle of water, kleenex and painkillers next to the bed

  4. Fresh towels on the foot of the bed so they can freshen up when they arrive

  5. A quick tour of the kitchen, particularly the coffee/tea options so that they can help themselves if they wake earlier than you do

  6. Black out blinds so they can sleep as much as they need to after a long journey

  7. Ear plugs for the same reason - my kids are not quiet

  8. A couple of books to pass the time if jet-lag wakes them at 3am

  9. A very comfortable bed

  10. Space to hang up their clothes and a luggage stand for their suitcase

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A simple luggage stand like the one above is a great addition to any guest room. I know if I'm visiting someone for just a couple of nights, I don't particularly want to unpack my suitcase - it's far easier to just grab what I need out of my carry-on. However, crouching on the floor each time isn't particularly comfortable, so an obvious spot upon which to place my roll-y is great.

Aside from those comfort-essentials, I think a guest room is one of those places where you can have a little fun with the decor. Even if your guests hate it, it's not as if they'll be there for long. And if you wind up disliking it, well, just shut the door - there's no need to be in that room much at all.

I love the overall look of this wallpaper even though upon closer inspection, I realised it was mostly swordfish and squid. I'm not a fan of squid - the way the look of their bodies reveals the rubbery texture grosses me out. But this wallpaper is rather fantastic, nonetheless.

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Then there's this one - far less whimsical, but it has a special touch on the wall that I think is marvellous. That series of framed prints on the wall? They're love letters from famous authors to their beloveds. The diehard romantic in me adores that.

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A really comfortable "never want to get out of bed" set of sheets is also crucial for a guest room. However, unlike my master bedroom, which needs to be as zen as possible, I think I can have a bit of a play with colour in the guest bedroom. I rather like the look of this set below.

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While that shade of brown would really get to me if it was in my bedroom every day, especially as it would dictate the furniture, carpet, etc, I think it would work rather well in a gender-neutral guest bedroom. I also love that soft linen sheets are supposed to look rumpled because ironing guest sheets?! Ain't nobody got time for that.

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