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To Bathe Or Not To Bathe?

This isn't a hygiene question - this is a bathtub question. We are all shower people in my family. The kids stopped taking baths a couple of years ago and, for some reason, the bath in our current apartment never really gets hot enough for my liking.

Our affinity for showers means that we dithered a bit when it came time to design our master bathroom. Do we really need a bathtub in it?! The bathtub that was in The Guest House when we bought it was so gross that it really put us off the idea for a while. However, we decided that because the guest house is eventually going to be for our friends and family whenever they come and stay, we'd be better off putting a bathtub in. Many of them are a few years behind us in the kid game and trying to wash your toddlers in a shower can be miserable.

Here's what the master bathroom looked like when we saw the house for the first time:

Far too shiny for my taste, but not anywhere near as hideous as the rose-hued catastrophe downstairs. However, when we moved in, the sides were falling off the bathtub and the whole room just felt dirty. We figured that if we were going to completely re-do the downstairs bathroom, we may as well do the upstairs one too as that's the one we're going to end up using the most.

Here's what the bathroom looks like now - you can see far more clearly in this picture just how shiny the walls are.

And here's our wonderful architect, Arturo standing next to the tub we selected...

While we have chosen some black elements for the bathroom re-do, I'm hoping the end result looks absolutely nothing like the black and white bathroom of before, and a bit more like this:

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