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5 Interior Design Mistakes To Avoid

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Obviously, there are a gazillion mistakes you can make when tackling the interior design of your house. But let's just focus on the five interior mistakes that I have DEFINITELY made in the past so that I have some semblance of expertise.

I think I've made all five of these mistakes in our current apartment, and we've only lived here two years. What can I say, I'm an over-achiever when it comes to mistakes. The first mistake is probably the most important one that will really ruin your experience in any room of your house:

Interior Design Mistake #1: Ignoring How The Room Will Be Used

You really, really don't want to make this mistake. I committed this heinous error when setting up our living room. In my mind, our living room was going to be a space where we entertained friends over wine and Cards Against Humanity.

In reality, we mostly went out to dinner with friends rather than meeting at anyone's house and our living room was used as a dancefloor and crash pad by our children. All we really needed in our living room was some sturdy furniture and a comfortable rug as we spent the majority of our time in there play-wrestling, dancing, or playing board games. That glass coffee table I bought? Yeah, that was a total waste of money.

Photo Source

Interior Design Mistake #2: Copying Someone Else's Style Exactly

There's nothing wrong with turning to others for inspiration. That's Pinterest in a nutshell, isn't it? The problem is when you attempt to turn your own home into a cookie cutter match of someone else's. Your home should reflect you and your family. Just because you loved that showroom display, that doesn't mean you should buy every piece in it.

The one that I've seen in so many homes recently is the all grey motif. What is with that?! Why would you want everything in fifty shades of grey? Does E. L. James still have that much influence?! I have seen far too many living rooms that look exactly like the one below and it makes me want to run for the hills.

Photo Source

Interior Design Mistake #3: Not Having Adequate Storage Space

Your room will turn into a bombsite faster than you can blink if you don't have enough storage space available for those things you use regularly. Our current apartment had one tiny little shoe rack by the main door and that was it as far as an entryway went.

What my family actually needed was a full-on mud room. I ended up creating one out by erecting a wall using an Ikea Kallax shelving system as a room divider. That entry area is still a bombsite, but at least now I can't see it from the dining room thanks to my makeshift wall. (If you can't get to Ikea, a couple of these ought to do the trick.)

Photo Source (This is not my entry way, but you get the idea...)

Interior Design Mistake #4: Being Unrealistic With Your Interior Style Goals

You guys, I love a Smeg fridge as much as the next person. But let's be honest, I'm not spending that much cash on a far-too-small fridge anytime soon. Attempting to achieve a retro-style kitchen without the wow-factor of that fridge will be a tough challenge to overcome. It can be done, but it's important to realise that a lot of other factors are going to have to be used in order to overcome its absence.

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Interior Design Mistake #5: Decorating Or Furnishing Your Room In A Hurry

This is probably the mistake I have made the most when it comes to interiors. We move somewhere, we need to furnish a place, and I wind up throwing together a hodge-podge of 'this is cheap, this'll do' furniture and decorative items and somehow hoping it still qualifies as interior style. It never does.

I'm really, really trying to restrain myself from doing the same when it comes to our new home. Things that are working in my favour on this front is the fact that there are two houses on the property so the house we'll be living in first is like a 'trial run' house. It will eventually be the guest house so the pressure is off a little bit when it comes to getting this one just right.

As we're living in house #1 and renovating the main house, I'll hopefully have the time to really plan out and style the main house properly. Or at least that's the plan! If I ever achieve a room as carefully curated as the Parisian apartment below, I'm rewarding myself with Moët.

Photo Source

To save you from having to scroll up the article again, these are the top 5 interior design mistakes I would really try to avoid making!

  1. Ignoring how the room will be used

  2. Copying someone else's style

  3. Not providing adequate storage space

  4. Being unrealistic with your style goals

  5. Decorating or furnishing your room in a hurry

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