From March 15th until April 26th, 2020, children in Spain were not allowed to leave their homes. Adults were only allowed out to go to the supermarket, bank, pharmacy or to take their rubbish out or let their dog do its business. Not to be a lockdown snob, but the lockdown in Spain was a PROPER lockdown, not one of these nonsense ones that allows you to still go outside. No, I'm not jealous or anything...

The lockdown was imposed a few days before we were supposed to head to the notary to exchange on our house. Given that we could no longer move into our new house, I couldn't use this site as I originally intended to.


So, while waiting for the state of alarm to be lifted, I used this site to blog about life under lockdown. Once our kids  were allowed outside again on April 26th, life started to inch its way towards normal again. It's now May 2nd and adults are allowed out to exercise during specific time slots each day. We've got four phases of de-escalation laid out for us, and it looks like we'll be back to 'normal' by the end of June.

We should be allowed to hop in a car and move within our province as of the 11th of May. That means we can finally move into our new house. As our lockdown is no longer so different from those in other countries, and our house move is only a week or so away, I've decided to stop blogging about lockdown and start blogging about the house! Life is starting to feel normal again.

If you're curious as to what it was like to live through Spain's ultra-strict lockdown, below are the posts I wrote during these past seven weeks. SEVEN WEEKS. Sweet Jeebus, if you'd told me seven weeks ago that I'd be spending that much time stuck in this apartment with only my husband and two young kids, I would have had an absolute tantrum of horrified denial.


But, with the help of two very good friends, I did it. Thank you, cava and wine, for your endless support.