I love looking at other people's beautiful homes. But when I'm not swooning over how gorgeous they are, I also love mocking them. Kind of like playing fashion police, but for interiors.


The Critic's Corner is a place where we can do that together. Here's where you can banter with other interior design aficionados about which interiors are so sublime you'd like to copy and paste them onto your own home and which interiors should be swallowed by a sinkhole. NOW.


The Rules

Here's how The Critic's Corner works...


1. Go ogle the suggested online house tour.

2. Come back here and dissect it.

3. Don't be afraid to be mercenary in your criticism - the fashion police are fun because they're bitchy as hell.

4. However, don't get personal. Be nice to one another, even if you have completely opposing tastes in interiors.

5. If you're an interior designer or homeowner whose work has been criticised here - chin up, darling. You can't please everyone. Keep doing your thing!

The Home Tours

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